Submit a Support Ticket

Click on "Staff Help Desk" at the top of this page, sign in using your school email account, and click "create ticket" under the appropriate ticket type.

Please include a detailed description of your problem. Your Ext and room number.
If you are helping a student with an issue please include their first and last name.


Reset windows password: Press: Ctr+Alt+Delete. Then click reset password.

Forgotten Passwords: Call I.T. to have a temporary password set. You will be prompted to reset the temporary password when you first login.

Print Clever Badges:

Navigate to the Classes tab at the top of your Portal 

  1. Select the student's class

  2. Select the student from your roster and click Download Badge

  3. The Badge will download to your computer, which you can print and give to the student 

Common Problems

Problem: Viewboard wont play video's from streaming services. Shows a black screen and plays sound.

Solution: Disable hardware acceleration in your browser.

Instructions: follow this guide(Click HERE)

Problem: Chromebook not power on, not charging (very common issue when chromebook battery has reached critically low levels)

Solution: Plug in charger and wait about 5 minutes, then press refresh and power