BYOD Staff

BYOD "Bring Your Own Device" doesn't make personal electronic devices (PED) MANDATORY, but instead makes it ALLOWED. Staff and Faculty are fully responsible for their own device, including security. The Myrtle Point School District is not responsible for the troubleshooting, security, or loss of PED. PED is only allowed on Guest networks, not on district corporate networks. Guest networks and BYOD devices are for convenience only, and are not intended or supported for instructional or business use. Guest networks, or any other publicly available networks provided by Myrtle Point School District are subject to removal or deactivation at any time without notice.

PED Security Requirements

All PED's accessing district information systems, including email, are required to be restricted by a PIN or Password with a minimum of 4 characters. The District reserves the right to remove access from PED's at any time. Below are instructions on how to set up a pin or password on most commonly used PED's. If your PED is not listed, please contact your PED manufacturer or retailer

Using a PED for Multi-Factor Authentication

What is multifactor authentication? Multifactor Authentication ( MFA) is a way of confirming your identity when trying to sign in . For example, a password is one kind of factor. Please visit this article from Microsoft for more details. If you would like to use your PED for multifactor authentication, please verify your PED meets district requirements for district information system access, and then see the instructions below.

  • For Microsoft accounts, you can follow these instructions to install the Microsoft Authenticator application on your smart device, or these instructions for devices that cannot install the app, but can receive phone calls or texts.

  • For Google accounts, we recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator application. To set up MFA for your google account using the application, or phone call or text, see this page for instructions.

  • For other personal accounts (facebook, amazon, etc, follow these instructions if you would like to use the Microsoft Authenticator application to add additional security to those accounts.