Board Vacancy - Applications available at Applications Due: April 3, 2023

Board Vacancy

Applications available here or at the District Office

Position: School Board Member Position

 To be eligible for appointment, the candidate must:

  1. have lived in the district at least 12 months prior to appointment,
  2. not be an officer or employee of the district,
  3. be a registered voter of the school district.

Duration of Appointment: To complete the term of a vacated position until filled. The candidate that is appointed to fill the vacant seat will need to run for election in May 2025 to fill out the remaining two years of the Position term. 

Duties: Commit to at least one meeting per month (With additional work, executive, and budget meetings) Per our Board Policy BBE. The Board will select the appointee as follows:

  1. The candidate should have personal integrity, intelligence and appreciate the values of good education.
  2. The candidate should be willing and capable of assuming responsibilities;
  3. The candidate should have the ability to work with others, should have the courage of his/her convictions, should always vote his/her beliefs and should be a champion of the public schools.
  4. The candidate should be prepared and willing to devote a sufficiently large amount of time to the study of the problems of education in the district, as well as the state and nation at large, so as to be able to interpret them to the electorate;
  5. The candidate must be willing and able to make sacrifices of his/her time, knowledge, and personal pleasure for the benefit of the district.

Application Procedure: Please return the completed application to the above address or email Kari at The Board will interview candidates at April’s Regular Board Meeting. The Board will select a candidate on the same evening. The new Board Member will be sworn in at the May Board Meeting.

Application Due: April 3, 2023

Desirable Qualifications: Participant in school activities, committees, etc.; ability to solve problems in a positive manner.

Additional Information: If you have questions, please call Kari at 541-572-1220 ext 2202.