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COVID-19 Update 11/30/2020

We have received a  few questions regarding the increased case count in Coos County and what that means for our students attending school on site. At the time of this message, the weekly report of case counts has not been released. However, last week we were at 146 cases per 100,000 population. This put our status into orange in which we must prepare to move to full comprehensive distance learning if the case rate reaches 200. If that occurs we have one week to make the transition to CDL. At this time we will continue to have students in grades pre-K through 6 attending on site. This will continue until such time we reach that 200 mark for case count or the local public health authority indicates that spread within our school community is growing. Rest assured that we will reach out with any changes as soon as we have new information. As a reminder, we are counting on all of you to screen your students for illness before sending them to school. Please keep them home if they are ill even if you don’t believe it is COVID related; this is our best defense against spread within our school community.




Nanette Hagen-Superintendent

Myrtle Point School District 41