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July 28, 2020 Re-Entry UPDATE

I want to give you all an update.


Today, 7-28-2020, at 1:30 the Governor released information about metrics required for re-opening on site instruction in the 2020-21 school year. The article in the link below captures the bulk of the information and the link to the document from ODE also provides detailed information on this announcement. The leadership team met this morning (as I had this embargoed information yesterday) to begin developing plans to begin with Comprehensive Distance Learning in the Fall and work to finalize our plans for hybrid education once the county AND state metrics are met for re-opening. We will meet again in the morning and then with the full district team again on Thursday for a full day to flesh both the Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan (CDL) and Hybrid Plan more fully. This remains an incredibly difficult task but we are committed to the right work to meet this moving target. In an attempt to allow families to have finality in what the start of school will look like, I am announcing today that for the first 9-weeks of the school year (possibly longer depending on ongoing metric data) MPSD will be using the Comprehensive Distance Learning Model. This decision is pending Board approval at their meeting on the August 10th at 6:30 pm. By making this decision now (as many others in the state are as well), it will allow us to work on connectivity and device issues for families as well as time to fully train our staff so as to provide a more robust and rigorous distance learning program during this period. Additionally, families will have more than a month to make sense of what this looks like and make plans accordingly. As I mentioned, this is pending Board approval and I encourage you to take the time to listen in and provide feedback on this plan. If you want to attend the meeting (this is a virtual option), please e-mail Kari Seals at to gain access to the meeting link. If you have general comments or questions you are welcome to e-mail me directly at


ODE Metric Guidance Link:

News Article Link:



Nanette Hagen-Superintendent