Talented and Gifted


            The Talented and Gifted Program in Myrtle Point School District follows the district’s philosophy of education in providing each student with the opportunity to develop at his/her own level and to his/her full potential. Such a philosophy requires a curriculum flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual, methods of study which are stimulating and challenging, and an emphasis on learning which utilizes school, home, and community service.

            Students will be identified whose academic talents and intellectual abilities are so outstanding that they require qualitatively different instructional approaches. Identified students will experience a differentiated curriculum through modification of curricula content, processes, and products.

            The four keys of differentiated instruction include:

  •   An alternative pace of curriculum presentation

  •   An alternative complexity in curriculum

  •   An alternative criteria for evaluation of student products

  • A more in-depth analysis of curricular material.

Appropriate learning alternatives at every level and in every school is framed in a coordinated and articulated program. In order to meet the unique developmental needs of these students, some opportunities within their school day or week should be available to extend their educational experiences beyond the regular classroom and to afford opportunities to interact with students of similar abilities.

            Exposure to a wide variety of learning experiences is a requisite for academically talented students. These experiences often serve as an initial step toward in-depth research and application of higher level thinking skills. Some of these experiences may broaden the horizons of a large number of other students and should be available whenever possible.

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Plan for Talented and Gifted Education