• Supplemental Education Services (SES) Program:  SES is a district sponsored tutoring program for students who qualify.  The tutoring expense is paid for by the district.  In 2010-11, MPSD has established a process for parents to apply.  Not all students will qualify for tutoring.  For guidelines on the process contact Myrtle Crest or the District Office or review the forms listed below.
    Schoolwide Program Plan  The schoolwide Program Plan for Myrtle Crest was developed in the school year 2009-10 and will be implemented in the school year 2010-11.  The schoolwide concept is to better ulitize funding while addressing the needs of all student at risk.  Myrtle Crest was formerly a Targeted Assisted School. 
    Title IIA Highly Qualified Teacher Plan is an approach to reaching Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) as set by the No Child Left Behind legislation.  While Myrtle Point School District teacher are 100% highly qualified, the district staff continues to value professional development activities to move all students to higher achievemnt.  The plan outlines goals student achievement and staff activities to reach those goals.  The activities planned throughout the year are listed in the Professional Development Calendar