• Weekly Homework
    I correct our daily work everyday, and it's in their cubbies for them to take home the next day.  Each child is to empty their cubby everyday and put all their papers in the Homework Folders on the Do side.
    It goes on the Do side because they need to DO something with it.  Hopefully, they give it to their families, so they can praise all their hard work!  :)  If there is any work that is incomplete or incorrect, please help your child to finish or correct it.
    On the last day of every week, the kids will get a homework packet.  The kids can finish and return the homework as they finish it.  They can return it one page at a time or as a whole packet.
    Anything that the kids need to return to me - a signed note, homework, etc. - can be put on the Done side of the folder.  Then they put their empty folder into their cubby for the day.  Every once in awhile, I will check their folders, and the students with empty folders will receive a reward for being responsible.  :)